Rate Studies

​Let us analyze & compare your utility rates to those of similar systems. Many of our customers are able to provide their districts with increased operating revenue while confidently offering their customers fair and reasonable rates. More...

Compliance & Training

Kel-Ar can help keep your office in compliance with Federal and State law by writing procedures and implementing programs for: O&M Manuals, OQ Manuals, Emergency Plans, Drug Plans, DIMP, IMP and Inspection Services. We also conduct training workshops ensuring that employees not only know WHAT needs to be done, but HOW to do it. 

Gas Auditing

​With the installation of volume corrector units and personnel trained to watch for inconsistencies, our technicians can see problems with your gas receipts before you get billed. Whether the cause is loss from a leak, mismeasurement, or equipment failure, our records can help ensure that you pay only for what you actually received!

Lost & Unaccounted For

Kel-Ar can evaluate your system’s gas/water loss and work with you to correct the underlying issues. We can greatly decrease the bottom line in revenue by identifying the areas that cause a high percentage of loss.


​Our staff of engineers will be the perfect solution for you to outsource your needs in a cost effective way. Kel-Ar has worked with many cities to provide meter/regulator station design, pipeline inspection and pipeline design.

Network & IT

Kel-Ar will evaluate your current system and/or needs to assist you in the purchase, installation and configuration of your server and network equipment. We can also setup automatic off-site backups to ensure the integrity of your data.

Accounting Services

Kel-Ar’s staff of experienced accountants have worked in the industry of municipal government & utility billing and are able to help you correct your balancing issues or improve efficiency within your accounting department.